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Froize Uncovered is a project imagined by restauranteur David Grimwood from the Froize in Chillesford. He asked me to come up with a logo concept to finally bring his project into realisation and create a unique visual style that would sum up what the project is all about. David needed promotional material as well as a website to advertise his upcoming events and tell his story. The most challenging part was trying to introduce the idea of ‘uncovering’ information in a visual. The result was a ‘z’ which slightly covered the letters below, as well as ‘peeling’ paper effect. The hand drawn borders are one of my favourite aspects, which continue to feature throughout the website, tailored to the event. I opted for recycled brown paper to keep the look natural and earthy. Various photographs that feature on the website are also taken by me. Take a look at to read about the project in more detail and to take a closer look.

Froize uncovered website
Froize uncovered website


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